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Kvareli Lake Resort is a multifunctional space for recreation and relaxation, which is located 2.5 hours from Tbilisi and meets the needs, wants and desires of many different people at the same time.

Kvareli Lake Resort is an ideal blend of nature, exoticism and comfort. By doing so, it encourages consumers to easily step out of their personal comfort zone and meet their deficient needs without any difficulty.

Kvareli Lake Resort puts alternative means of recreation and entertainment into one space and in this way helps people who are radically different from each other to get new, unique impressions and pleasure.

When visiting Kvareli Lake Resort, you will find:

  • Green zone for relaxation and chilling;
  • Picnic area with appropriate equipment;
  • Lake and fishing;
  • Pool/Spa;
  • Restaurant;
  • Bar;
  • Bicycle path/bicycles;
  • Space for trainings;
  • Events area - where you can celebrate a birthday, wedding, corporate party and more.

Visit us and unwind at Kvareli Lake Resort!


Kvareli Lake Resort