Who we are

M-Group is a management group of restaurants and hotels, which was founded in 2005 and is one of the most successful companies in the field of hospitality in Georgia. With 15 years of experience and tireless work, the company has earned the favor and trust of customers.

Currently, the management of the group includes 6 projects positioned on different concepts and price segments, both in Tbilisi and in Kakheti (Kvareli).

As the leader of the Georgian HoReCa sector, m|group It was the first company in the CIS countries, which in 2008 became the owner of the ISO9001:2000 certificate of the quality management system with the concept of HACCP, and already in 2017 it obtained ISO 22000:2005. thus m|groupThe secret of consistently high quality of services is based on the following rules: detailed selection of suppliers and products, strict monitoring based on international health, hygiene and safety standards and highly qualified personnel.





Current project


Years of experience


m|group is a customer-oriented management group whose mission is to introduce western standards, goal orientation, social responsibility and constant innovation to the customer in the Georgian market.


m|group is a leading brand in the Georgian HoReCa sector. The following strategic principles help us to maintain and strengthen the mentioned position:

  • Development of competitive advantages and market potential
  • Creating a high quality service, product and atmosphere for the customer
  • Systematic study and satisfaction of user requirements

The group's goal is to maintain a strong, advanced, innovative brand position and a dynamic growth of market share, which currently stands at 20% in the premium HoReCa sector.