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Maspindzelo Express

Brand Concept:

30 / 10 /2023



If you want to experience Georgian gastronomy, flavors, and cuisine, then you must visit Maspindzelo Express located at Akhvlediani Street No. 20. This Georgian restaurant offers modern variations of traditional dishes, where you'll discover new flavors of khinkali. Maspindzelo Express's khinkali and khinkali with dzira (Mtiuluri khinkali) are renowned as the best in the city, deserving this title unconditionally.

Situated in the old Georgian district of Vera. As you walk through the narrow streets reminiscent of old Tbilisi, passing by two-story brick houses, you'll arrive at the welcoming doors of Maspindzelo Express. Additionally, on Fridays and Saturdays, you can easily extend your evening here as we keep our doors open 24 hours, warmly welcoming guests.