Maspindzelo !

Have you ever wondered where is the tastiest Khinkali in Tbilisi? And where it is served the fastest?– at Maspindzelo! This is Sakhinkle-restaurant with timely and abundant service. The Imeretian exotic, which brings quite different energy, is comprehended in the eclectic interior of the sakhinkle-restaurant. And though temporarily, you will tune yourself into the rules of old hospitability; a generous host will always meet you with a kind smile and Imeretian politeness. The tastiest family dishes and a long-preserved tradition of Georgian hospitability will inspire you to visit Maspindzelo! in abanotubani more frequently.


Concept: Georgian Restaurant 
Interior: Georgian
Cuisine: Georgian
Number of seats: 100
Working hours: 24/7


Address: 7 Gorgasali str.

M info: 230 30 30