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11. I. Mosashvili str, Tbilisi

Reservation: (+995 32) 230 30 30

Mandari is one more interesting and original project implemented by m|group. Having turned the Treasures of Georgian Feast – almost forgotten ancient folk cuisine from history into an attribute of the present - m|group acquaints Georgian and not only Georgian gourmands with the Fusion version of the renovated national cuisine, processed in line with modern tendencies.

“You first eat with your eyes” – you will understand this idiomatic expression as soon as you open the door of a new restaurant Mandari. It looks like an apartment – calm, domestic, salon-type, everything is quite familiar and simultaneously very new – something like well forgotten old. In the 19th century the Tergdaleulebi were gathering in such apartments, where romances and salon music were heard. What is most important, the ideas of epochal significance were originating just in such chamber calmness. Now, you have an opportunity to taste m|group’s novelty in such environment. Please, visit restaurant Mandari and try to find a margin between the old and the new, between the past and the future. Georgian Fusion is a national taste adjusted to modernity. Georgian dishes become lighter and healthier due to a different technology of cooking traditional dishes. Mandari is a mix of the world cultural heritage and modern tendencies with the national one.

The restaurant’s interior consists of several zones. They look like various rooms in an apartment – Georgian clay and decorative copies of classical monuments, trays and sofas covered with rugs in a purely Caucasian manner, ultra modern black walls and old airy screens create a harmonious Fusion of styles.

Mandari offers you a dining-room to celebrate special cases – here in the atmosphere of the 19th century’s patriarchal calmness you will be able to taste a new Georgian Fusion of traditional Georgian feast – you have already tasted all these, but they are so new!

The designer of the restaurant is a French citizen of Georgian origin, Jaba Diasamidze. He worked over the design together with an architect, Liza Khundadze. Jaba Diasamidze supposes that he himself is a model of Georgian Fusion. His life is distinguished just from this point of view. At the beginning of the 20th century, when his grandfather was forced to leave his motherland, along with a lot of other Georgians, he did not know so far that along with a human fate the history also replaces the culture of life. Along with the nostalgia of parting with his motherland, emigration made him feel a lot of novelties; then it was a love to a French woman. In the middle of the 20th century the Georgian-French family returned to Georgia. The French woman’s cuisine naturally represented a mix of Provencal and Mingrelian, Champaign and Imeretian aromas, tastes and nuances; the third generation again appeared in France – history managed to combine and mix unimaginable things in one pan. This is its feature – it constantly changes the world and leaves only the best. The first Georgian Fusion restaurant Mandari is just a model of it.










Modern Georgian Restaurant


Eclectic with Georgian-European elements in design


Georgian Fusion

Chef cook:

Tekuna Gachechiladze,
Giorgi Chincharashvili

Specialty dish:

Suckling pig from Senaki cooked the Beijing way

Number of seats in hall:


Number of seats on terrace:


Working hours:

18:00 – 02:00 (till last guest)

Additional services:

Business Lunch on advanced order

Accepted cards: